Babylock serger machine.

Babylock Serger Machine.

In 1963 the first working prototype unit was designed and born herein Yamagata Japan, but not produced. It was in the following year, 1964 Baby Lock model MS 1 was produced and released on the domestic market as the world’s first product for home use type overlock sewing machine.

We have been responsible for the invention and design of features such as Award winning Jet Air Threading system, Automatic Thread Delivery unit, dial in narrow rolled hemming, and a stitch quality that no other overlocker can match.

Baby Lock are renowned as world leaders in design, technology and quality in the overlocker industry.

BLQK Sashiko, sewing machine with hand-work like stitching.

BLQK Sewing Machine with Hand-work like stitching.

Sashiko was released as the world’s first home use type hand stitch sewing machine in 2009. The system is very unique and thread is supplied from bobbin as the same of standard household one and easy to use.

Now you can enjoy a hand-stitch for patchwork or quilting swing and it will be dramatically changed the home swing.

ECLS Buttonhole Sweing Machine.

ECLS Buttonhole Sewing machine.

This product has been discontinued manufacturing and sale in December 2016.


Our technological innovation changes the imagination for the eyelet buttonhole sewing machine.

The machine is very unique design, light weight and can be workable with simple operation by SUZUKI system that is electronic controlled.